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  • Common abbreviations in foreign trade

“CFR(cost and freight)                  T/T(telegraphic transfer) D/P(document against payment)          D/A(document against acceptance) C.O(certificate of origin)                  G.S.P.(generalized system of preferences) CTN/CTNS(carton/cartons)             PCE/PCS(piece/pieces) DL/DLS(dollar/dollars)                 DOZ/DZ(dozen) PKG(package)                           WT(weight) G.W.(gross weight)                    N.W.(net weight) C/D(customs declaration)               EA(each) W(with)                             w/o(without) FAC(facsimile)                           IMP(import) MIN(minimum)                       M/MED(medium) M/V(merchant vessel)                S.S(steamship) MT或M/T(metric ton)                    DOC(document) INT(international)                        P/L(packing list) INV(invoice)                            PCT(percent)”

  • Container size

“At present, the international commonly used dry container (DRYCONTAINER) has: The outer dimensions are 20x8x8 ft 6 inches, referred to as 20 foot containers; The outer dimensions are 40x8x8 ft 6 inches, referred to as 40 foot containers; In recent years, more use of 40x8x9 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet high cabinet; Cabinet type (Cabinet type) in volume (Inside Volume) (Picking GW) gross distribution volume (Volume) 20 foot cabinet: 5.69x2.13x2.18 meters, usually 17.5 tons, 24-26 cubic meters 40 foot cabinet: 11.8x2.13x2.18 meters, usually 22 tons, 54 cubic meters 40 feet high cabinet: 11.8x2.13x2.72 meters, usually 22 tons, 68 cubic meters 45 feet high cabinet: 13.58x2.34x2.71 meters, usually 29 tons, 86 cubic meters 20 feet of open top cabinets: 5.89x2.32x2.31 meters 20 tons of 31.5 cubic meters 40 feet of open top cabinets: 12.01x2.33x2.15 meters 30.4 tons of 65 cubic meters 20 feet flat bottomed container, 5.85x2.23x2.15 meters, 23 tons, 28 cubic meters 40 feet flat bottomed container: 12.05x2.12x1.96 meters, 36 tons, 50 cubic meters ”


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